As a young girl growing up in Taiwan, Meichi Peng found her passion for design. When she noticed that the collar on her grandfather's favorite shirt had become frayed she took matters into her own hands - using the skills she learned in school and her mother's old sewing machine she brought the shirt and her grandfather triumphantly back into the world of fashion.

That can-do spirit and passion for design surfaced again during an unsuccessful shopping trip with her sister. They were looking for handbags that combined traditional technique with beautiful stitching and elegant, modern design they couldn't find anything. Meichi told her sister, "I'll make the bags for us. I really don't think she ever thought I would, but soon my sister had the first Meichi Peng hand bag. Happily, she loved it!

Today Peng Bags are recognized for meticulous design, construction and extraordinary quality. The designer has tremendous dedication to her craft and gives attention to every detail - each handbag takes between twelve and fifty hours of work to complete. With a slight smile Meichi says "There's nothing I love more. Even as a young girl mending my grandfather's shirt, I was happiest with sewing tools in hand. I hope that the joy I feel creating these handbags will be shared by those who carry them!"